Campolindo High School
300 Moraga Road
Moraga, CA 94556

Mascot: Cougars
Head Coach: Kevin Macy
Ranking #112 CA

Coach Kevin Macy

Founded in 1962, Campolindo is a source of pride for the communities it serves: Moraga, Lafayette, and Orinda. Accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, recognized by the state as a California Distinguished School, and identified by national publications as one of the nation’s top high schools, Campolindo High School is building upon its rich tradition of educational excellence. Students excel in curricular programs that foster preparation in the core academic disciplines, as well as the arts and technical fields. Campolindo has a strong college preparatory and Advanced Placement program; however, the school’s wide variety of classes and academic support services ensure that all students, no matter their academic level, receive an excellent education. Faculty members work to ensure that Campolindo’s academic programs not only provide core content knowledge, but promote critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

Our Story

3 Years in Honor Bowl

Campolindo High School is in Moraga, CA and has competed in the tough Mountain league for years though this has changed for the 2019 season. Head Coach Kevin Macy is a patriot, leader, and motivator for the Cougars. Macy makes sure to have his team work out with Navy Seals in the offseason and raise funds to help those in need. This will be the first time Campolindo will compete in The Honor Bowl and are slated to play Game One of the 2019 “East Bay Regional” Honor Bowl on September 7 hosted at James Logan High School. Their opponent will be Amador Valley, a team that they have never faced. Coach Macy’s father is a US Marine Hero! Make sure to listen to Coach talk about him in the supplied video on this page!  The Cougars will bring back a healthy and motivated team for 2019. Led by Grant Harper, Senior QB the cougars will have a strong group of returners including Mason Mastrov DE, Jack Dougherty LB S, Brandon Manty DE WR, Jackson Wheeler WR, Charlie Craig TE LB, and Elijah Clock OL DLV.

2019 Campolindo Varsity Roster
# Last Name First Name Postition Grade Height Weight
1 Curtiss Rex WR, S Sr 5-9 175
2 Jeter Cole CB Jr 5-10 160
3 Tabibian Jacob K Jr 5-9 175
4 O'Neil Ryan RB Sr 6-0 200
5 Schmidt Joey WR Jr 6-0 180
6 Wheeler Daniel DE Jr 6-0 210
7 Manty Brandon RB, DE Sr 6-0 190
8 Mastrov Mason DE Sr 6-4 220
9 Weaver Maxwell WR Jr 6-1 155
10 Fritch Ryan CB Sr 6-1 185
11 Rhodes Walker WR, S Jr 6-1 170
12 Harper Grant QB Sr 6-3 210
13 Raphael Zach WR Jr 6-1 175
14 Krznaric Cooper CB Sr 5-8 150
15 Mossotti Nico CB Jr 5-11 145
16 Griessel Jacob QB Jr 6-2 160
20 Heffernan Max CB Jr 5-11 150
21 Daugherty Jack S, LB Sr 6-0 180
22 Chang Chongwoo CB Jr 6-0 150
24 Clarke JT LB Jr 5-11 170
25 Axelrode Jean-Luc CB Sr 5-9 170
26 Windatt Will LB, FB Sr 6-1 225
29 Walker Austin CB, S Jr 5-11 170
30 Jules Ben WR Jr 6-4 200
31 Antonios-McCrea Tarek S Jr 5-11 160
44 Chu Abraham DE Jr 6-0 190
45 Leuteneker Jake LB, FB Jr 5-9 200
52 Vorhauer Jason OL Jr 6-2 225
64 Crumbaugh Jake OL, DE Sr 6-1 200
66 Walker Jack OL Jr 6-2 215
70 Aherns Lars OL Jr 6-0 225
71 Mosaddad Aydin OL Jr 5-10 240
72 Bell Jelani Matai DL, OL Jr 6-3 295
75 Koob Matt OL Jr 6-3 220
76 Januszewski Mason DL Sr 5-8 160
78 Klock Elijah DL, OL So 6-1 275
82 Wheeler Jackson DE Sr 6-5 190
83 Craig Charlie LB, TE Sr 6-0 220
87 Curtiss Cole DE Jr 6-1 170