Heritage High School
101 American Avenue
Brentwood, CA 94513

Mascot: Patriots
Head Coach Don Sanders
Ranking: #505 CA

Coach Don Hines

Heritage High School is dedicated to empowering students to become life-long learners, committed to Honesty, Equality, Respect, Integrity, Trust, Achievement, Generosity and Excellence. All classrooms will provide a student-centered, rigorous, relevant and innovative standards-based curriculum developed in a professional learning community. We are committed to preparing our students to be productive citizens in a global community using career academies, enhanced extracurricular activities, and instructional technology.

Our Story

First Time in Honor Bowl

We had a chance to visit Heritage High School in the town of Brentwood in the spring of 2019. AD Nate Smith was outspoken about the opportunity to be part of this prestigious event. Coach Smith is a connected High School sports enthusiast and mentioned so many things about The Honor Bowl! It was a pleasure to hear and become engaged about what it meant to have Heritage involved in 2019. Head Coach Don Sanders talked about his young team and how things were progressing in the weight room and practice with Spring Ball. To have the opportunity to play James Logan host of the 2019 East Bay Honor Bowl gives the Patriots an added passion to prepare and bring it to Union City on September 7. Rising Senior QB Trevor Moorman will lead his squad along with Junior Mohammad RB and Adam Smith, a two way Lineman doing the job to give the Patriots something to cheer for. 

# Name Positions Gr. Ht Wt
2 Tony Zalec RB, SB Sr. 5-8 180
3 Kendrick Shaw WR, SS Sr. 6-0 180
4 Hanai Muhammad RB, CB Jr. 5-7 153
5 Greg Filardo FB, TE, MLB Sr.
6 James Williams DB, WR Sr.
7 Alec Brannen RB, OLB Sr. 5-10 150
8 Trevor Moorman QB, TE Sr. 6-2 190
9 Christian Conley Jr. 5-10 165
10 Asher Haynes QB Jr. 6-1 185
11 Aidan Aldana Sr. 5-9
12 Jayden Ennis So. 5-11 175
14 Jamison Faulkner K Sr.
15 Cole Pedreira K Sr.
16 Richard Price WR, CB Jr.
18 Judah Lang WR, FS Sr. 6-2 175
20 Colby Stayton DE, TE Sr. 6-0 180
21 Sean Kauppila WR, CB Jr.
22 Bennett Ricker MLB Jr. 6-0 203
23 Bruno Argenal Sr. 5-9 165
24 Ron Jackson WR Sr.
25 Lukas Arellano WR Sr.
29 Shane Agena Jr.
44 Sean O'malley Jr.
50 Adam Smith Sr. 6-0 205
51 Gerrick Dacpano DT Jr. 5-9 228
52 Ajay Lozada Jr. 5-11 235
53 Kyle Mullen Jr.
54 Jacob Fucci MLB Jr. 5-11 184
55 Vicente Hughes Jr. 6-3 210
56 Michael Steelman Jr.
57 Edgar Norato G Sr. 5-11 220
58 John Guzman T Jr.
60 Alex Peterson DT Jr. 6-2 220
65 Danny Moody G Jr.
66 Tommy Keithley Jr.
68 Ian Wetherbee Jr.
70 Drew Misquez Jr. 5-8
74 Kevin Moore Sr.
76 Camron Jackson-Rubio G, DT Jr.
78 Adeeb Aljalamdeh Sr.
80 Tanner Hartwig Jr. 6-2 165
82 Sean Hernandez Jr.